Portrait Retouching Services

Some of you may think portrait retouch is completed by photographers. But Photography always doesn’t provide the best shot. Don’t be worried cool. We can help you on these services. We have skilled designers for helping you Portrait Retouching Services. Our designers are able to restore cosmetic or physical flaws. Some faces have either big mouth or greasy skin, long or short nose, narrow or wide face, a different face angle, void cheeks (too skinny), or plumpness which need to be corrected to get the glamour look. We do elimination of cosmetic skin defects, wrinkles, “facelift”, make-up correction, narrow eyes correction, asymmetry correction etc.

Our designers provide –

Lighten or darken skin color
Changing eye color (which you want)
Change lip color, Teeth color (lighten or darken)
Small lip thickening or thinning
Reshape eyebrow
Eye, nose or mouth sharpening
Some face or neck thinning
Reshape lip & mouth
Glamour or heavy makeup looks
Change hair color
Convert to Black & White
Convert to Sepia

We are ready to take any of customer’s suggestions regarding the style of their art works. And ready to help you 24×7 hours.

Photoshop Clipping Path Service

Clipping path is usually known as remove of background, image knocking out background or outlining. Multi Clipping Path provides accurate hand made clipping paths with keeping best quality, little prices and rapid turnaround period.

Experience and know-how in clipping path and image masking:
The pen tool is the most defined solution to make a best quality clipping path. Skilled graphic artists can able to ensure that all particulars are considered with the high quality clipping path. In the issue of transparent objects, hair, fur, fine leaves clipping path are not appropriate that situation we perfectly apply image masking to detach the objects from the background.

Very complex images clipping with pen tool:
Clipping photos also recognized as image clipping path creation or masking. Clipping Path is a technique to remove the object from the image background. Many systems are used to remove the background for complex photos like as alpha channels also some photo clipping software.

Though, these methods or image clipping path software’s does have constraints e.g. if the background and the object of the photos has a very parallel color as well as the color contrast is too feeble, in the mean time a alpha channel masking will be very complex and the value of the masking must not able to meet quality requirements.

Clipping awfully complex photos is very difficult and lengthy. A particular clipping path hold of thousands of little anchor points to put with the pen tool. Consequently, clipping photos can take up to may be two hours.

Multi Clipping Path uses the pen tool to ensure high quality clipping path – handmade top quality solutions.