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Remove Background from image

What is background remove?

If you want to find out how to get the best image background remove results, you will have to know what exactly image background remove is. The background remove process is the process through which the focus of an image is cut out from the image and transfer on a blank background or any other background. There are lots of methods of doing this operation and you are going to find out about all of them in this article. The process is done regularly in photo manipulation software tools, like Photoshop or Corel, but there are many other ways of achieving similar results. Even if it’s not a complicated process, the best results can only be achieved if the whole work is done by the hands of a professional image editor or designer.

The need to image remove the background During both online and offline projects you may come across this task and in order to allocate the right budget and effort, you should understand the needs for background remove. The process is mostly used to make certain focuses in your images look more professional or attract the attention of the eye. When the focus is placed on a blank or neutral background, the human eye won’t be distracted by elements which might be found in the background of a picture. This is very important when you want to use the said images for promotional or commercial purposes. On top of that, a well image with its background correctly removed will look more professional, inspiring confidence in your clients or viewers. But in the same time, a job poorly done can leave your audience with a poor impression about your entire work or activity. The public is obsessed with the quality of the image and this is a normal thing, because images like this are acting like the interface of your project. No client or viewer will know how hard you worked on the script of your site or how long it took for you to achieve some beautiful pictures with the right light. So it’s all about content and since the images are a very important element of your content, you should make sure that they look as clean and professional as possible.

Who needs image background remove?

This question might be silly, but there are three main categories of people who need image background remove for professional purposes. Knowing in which one of the categories you fit in, it will be easier for you to achieve the best results. In this section of our article you will find out in which category of clients you are and you must remember this because later in the article you will discover your best way of achieving great results.

Agencies and Photographers

There is a lot of work in a modeling agency and even if you handle beautiful top models or high school yearbooks, you will notice that you need a lot of image background remove work done in your projects. Regardless if you need this work don for digital or print purposes, the work on your pictures will be a little harder, because you will be mostly dealing with pictures of people, which require a more accurate work. First of all we have the hair elements in the picture, which must be dealt with perfectly in order to look good. But the most interesting part when it comes to remove the background of images in which the focus is a person is the fact that the human eye will notice any flaw in this work, because we are genetically programmed to pay attention to facial details.

Online shops

If you are thinking about starting an online shop, you should know by now that you will need a gallery of pictures featuring the products you are intending to sell. The online shop depends on its success on the same functions as the physical shops. Everyone knows that a fancy and clean looking store will attract more clients than one in which the dust is all over the products. Even if we are not talking about dust, an online store won’t succeed if it has a dirty image. Besides a good looking, responsive and functional site design, you will need high quality product presentation images. Background elements in the product images are unacceptable and shadows, even if they are small, are a big no too. When it comes to the complexity of the background remove process for product images, this can vary a lot, because you might need to remove background from images of baseballs or baseball bats, which are plain and simple, with no additional elements that could complicate the work, or you might need to have this process done on images like flower bouquets or fur coats, which will require skills and time for a good result.

Personal Use

You might stumble upon the need of a background remove services when you want to improve the quality of your profile page on social media platforms or the content of your personal blog. There are many ways through you can achieve decent and rapid results. Usually, for a person who needs remove background strictly for personal use, the high quality of the result is not a criterion of choice, but if you want to surprise your friends or followers with amazing content, than you should check out some more serious and professional ways of achieving the best results.

Methods and techniques used to remove background in photoshop

The best results when it comes to image background remove are usually achieved with the help of one of the best image manipulation software tools on the market, Adobe Photoshop. If you want to get great looking picture, besides the skills and talents of the person you hire to do the job for you, you must make sure that their software tools are up to date. A designer that uses Adobe Photoshop is usually a professional designer, but this is not what makes him so good. There are several methods through which an image editor can perform a background remove operation on your pictures. Here are the most popular ones.

Background eraser tool for removing the background

The Background Eraser tool is one of the best choices for the images where the background is a similar color in the whole image. It comes in handy when you need to remove the background of images with complex focus elements, like clouds, hair or fur. Because of the complex texture of the complicated elements, the magnetic lasso or magic wand are useless. If a designer knows his work and has enough experience, a image background remove process can be done in a matter of minutes and the result will surprise you.

The photoshop Channel Mask for image background remove

This is a tool that is used for complex remove background operation, with complicated focuses which are found on uneven background. When the eraser tool is not useful, this is what comes in handy for every photoshop guru. Basically, the channel mask method will change the color of the focus to become easier to be removed. It’s not a complicated task, but it can be used for very hardcore images, where other tools are powerless.

Photoshop Pen Tool

When it comes to a picture where the background must be removed using the pen tool, the designer must be experienced and have a very steady hand. This tool is usually used in images where the focus has curves edges, which can’t be handled too well with the magnetic lasso tool and in which the background features diverse elements and colors, which makes it impossible to be removed with the background eraser. This is the most difficult tool to use for image background remove, but it’s concept it’s simple. The designer will simple draw a path along the edges of the focus, once this path is draw, he will zoom in and retouch the edges of the path to be right on the edges of the focus. Then he will simply cut the focus and place it on a new blank layer or another background. Even if it sounds simple, it isn’t. Not anyone has the patience to do this, especially when we are talking about pictures featuring bicycles or complicated focuses with lots of elements, but an experienced designer who knows photoshop like the palm of his own hand, will finish the work on a picture like this, using the photoshop pen tool, in about fifteen minutes.

Who can do the background remove for you?

When you need some image background remove and you have no idea how to do it, don’t panic. We live in a world of communication and communication means finding solutions to your problems in the shortest time possible. Because of the internet, you are now able to get in contact with designers from all over the world and since this is a digital job, you will be able to have the work outsourced online. Outsourcing is a great idea that can save you both time and money.