Image Masking Services

Image masking Services is requiring for isolating a part of an image from the rest of the photo where the boundaries or edges are not clearly distinct. Photoshop Masking Services is needed to alter the background of some meticulous images which are not probable using only Photoshop Tool. Digital masking services is basically required on images having blur edge, transparent glass and very thin portion, like flying hair. Multi Clipping Path is a pioneer in providing Photoshop masking or background masking service to give photo masking effects to intricate images having complex backgrounds.

The photo editing professionals of Multi Clipping Path are inspired and innovative for adding that professional touch in all kinds of images that needs photo masking effects. Experience has taught them to realize the significance of focusing on the product you require to market and avoiding superfluous backdrops.

Multi Clipping Path makes sure that the image editing professional are trained regularly to keep them well verse with the latest image editing software and technology accessible in the market for giving refined output. The expert image masking services of Multi Clipping Path includes:

  • Transparent Layer Masking
  • Fur and Hair Masking
  • Translucent Masking
  • Alpha Channel Masking

Multi Clipping Path have years of experience in providing image masking services. We perfectly fit your requirement. We have skilled image editor professional to provide high quality & cost effective image masking service with 24×7 client support. Try us to get expert image masking services at a reasonable price. Please visit our portfolio to have a detailed look at the service we offer. Knock us for free trail project & get lucrative discount price for bulk work order. For more information, Contact Us today!!

How to Best Use the Clipping Path Technique?

Software’s these days have made the lives of developers quite easy. While a software developer is busy with coding, they do need the support from the design for software to be successful. When it comes to graphic designing or editing a photo the name of adobe Photoshop would come to the minds of many. One of the most important tools for designing or editing a photo is clipping path. For those who do not know the clipping path service allows you to use a certain portion of the picture. For example, if you have taken the photo of a building, the problem is that the neighbouring building would come in focus as well. In order to cut up the required area, you would need the help of clipping path technique. It is not like cropping, when you crop you cannot go through curves neatly.

You might be thinking that using the eraser would be just as better as using the clipping path technique. What you need to understand is that clipping is done for images which are bigger in size. The processing for erasing that much data from an image would take much more time and effort. if you want to get the cut of a face from an image, then things like hairs and other small details would be hard to get from an eraser; this is why clipping path service is preferred.

Photoshop clipping path technique is by far the easiest to use. You can use the world famous pen of the Photoshop for slipping. The best thing about the pen is that you can around the image with it and convert it in selecting. This allows you to just about anything with the image. Brazier curves help in outlining the image, hence making clipping path service easier for the developer. For those who do not know, the Brazier curves allow you to place a point, for the curves, the trick is that you can go back and change the point and readjust the curve.

Apart from Photoshop clipping path, this services is provided by many other software’s. GIMP is another one which is remarkable. It is free just like Adobe Photoshop and a decent alternative to it. You are able to retouch the digital image and do with it as you please. However, if you want the work to be done neatly and of high quality it would be better that you rely on clipping path service of Adobe Photoshop. The clipping path offered by GIMP is dirty and not of that much quality. The only plus point of using this interface is that it is easier to use and beginners should probably start by it. You need to define points for the curve to be selected in GIMP.

Another one of the famous software’s for photo editing is Corel photo paint. One of the best tools in this software is the clipping path tool. The usage of this tool is quite similar to that of adobe photo shop. You can use the Bezier curve along with the clipping path service, which makes your work even easier. However the feature which makes this tool stands out is its vector drawing tool. When it comes to vector drawing, illustrator might be coming to your mind. The thing about Corel photo paint is that it has the best points of photo shop and illustrator when it comes to using the clipping path tool. This however does not mean that the other vector based drawing softwares like freehand or illustrator are of no use. These are no doubt above ranked than Corel photo paint.

Background remove easy ways

The background remove:Easy and complex background remove!
The Background Remove Team set a post for learning background remove easily.

You always looking for a photo background remove & don`t know how to do it. No matter you know Photoshop program or not. With the help of the following guidelines you can make it easily. Photoshop program is an amazing program with a massive tool box which providing a number of different ways for background remove from the image.

With the help following guidelines you can caver it. Follow the guidelines…..

Open the image Photoshop program;
Get the magic wand tool;
Click on the background and hit delete button and you see amazingly background has been removed;
Mind it to save image in PNG format.
Complex background removes from the image!

Photoshop is really an amazing full designed program that supplies different ways for background remove but among them some are to be steeper learning than others. Follow the guidelines carefully …..

Open the Photoshop image program;
Get the background eraser tool;
Get the brush size for adjustment;
Set sampling to going on;
To get edge need set the limits;
Set tolerance level and it is highly suggest lower sitting is better than higher sitting, cause high sitting remove more color. To get better image set in 20-30 image;
Hover brush on the background And that will disappear .To get a free border around the object need to continue this action;

So people you can do always easily erase unwanted objects from the images. The number of photo editing softwares are running in the technological era and people with the help of those softwares can design terget photo as their will.Each program disigns user friendly and with a lot of tools that must be very helpful to get the photo as required.Sometimes people with the help of web application can remove background from their photos but it is highly suggested mannually works bring best result always.

Art of Photo Editing

Though, the art of photo restoration primarily targets the old photo repair, yet there are innumerous photo editing needs applicable to new photos as well. No matter how bad the condition of your photo, Clipping Path Network is expert on ultimate photo fix.

We deal on every front including photo resizing, photo coloring and various other photo correction requirements. We repair damaged image to unimaginable extent. That is what makes us lead in fixing photo on all accounts, whereby our image editing services can achieve body slimming, open closed eyes, remove red eye reflection, remove photo blemishes, wrinkles on image, swap faces, and correct the color of any kind of photos.

Photo editing services of Clipping Path Network stretches to every kind of photos such as kids photos, children photos, baby photo, pencil portrait, etc. Our image editing special effects has taken immense advantage from image special effects aiming to remove unwanted people or objects from the background of your photo. What additional we can do is to mix images and merge them together as per your photo editing need.

With our host of image editing tools, you can have background changes, image retouching, image renewal, image restoration, and fulfill different image editing requirements. Be it bridal portraits, custom picture collages, photo composition, family tree photo, or any kind of photo editing need, our photo editing services are adept in handling simple to complex photo editing assignments.

How to choose the best company?

How to choose the best freelancer?

If you have less than 250 pictures you need to remove the background from and the time is not a problem for you, you should choose a freelancer. You can find freelancers on sites like or These are some of the best sites to look for a freelancer, because they feature a review […]

Portrait Retouching Services

Some of you may think portrait retouch is completed by photographers. But Photography always doesn’t provide the best shot. Don’t be worried cool. We can help you on these services. We have skilled designers for helping you Portrait Retouching Services. Our designers are able to restore cosmetic or physical flaws. Some faces have either big mouth or greasy skin, long or short nose, narrow or wide face, a different face angle, void cheeks (too skinny), or plumpness which need to be corrected to get the glamour look. We do elimination of cosmetic skin defects, wrinkles, “facelift”, make-up correction, narrow eyes correction, asymmetry correction etc.

Our designers provide –

Lighten or darken skin color
Changing eye color (which you want)
Change lip color, Teeth color (lighten or darken)
Small lip thickening or thinning
Reshape eyebrow
Eye, nose or mouth sharpening
Some face or neck thinning
Reshape lip & mouth
Glamour or heavy makeup looks
Change hair color
Convert to Black & White
Convert to Sepia

We are ready to take any of customer’s suggestions regarding the style of their art works. And ready to help you 24×7 hours.

Photoshop Clipping Path Service

Clipping path is usually known as remove of background, image knocking out background or outlining. Multi Clipping Path provides accurate hand made clipping paths with keeping best quality, little prices and rapid turnaround period.

Experience and know-how in clipping path and image masking:
The pen tool is the most defined solution to make a best quality clipping path. Skilled graphic artists can able to ensure that all particulars are considered with the high quality clipping path. In the issue of transparent objects, hair, fur, fine leaves clipping path are not appropriate that situation we perfectly apply image masking to detach the objects from the background.

Very complex images clipping with pen tool:
Clipping photos also recognized as image clipping path creation or masking. Clipping Path is a technique to remove the object from the image background. Many systems are used to remove the background for complex photos like as alpha channels also some photo clipping software.

Though, these methods or image clipping path software’s does have constraints e.g. if the background and the object of the photos has a very parallel color as well as the color contrast is too feeble, in the mean time a alpha channel masking will be very complex and the value of the masking must not able to meet quality requirements.

Clipping awfully complex photos is very difficult and lengthy. A particular clipping path hold of thousands of little anchor points to put with the pen tool. Consequently, clipping photos can take up to may be two hours.

Multi Clipping Path uses the pen tool to ensure high quality clipping path – handmade top quality solutions.