Professional Photo Retouching services

Photoshop Retouching – After a photo shoot there are unavoidable problems exist such as impurities remaining to the background and even to the subject itself. Photoshop provides tools to fix this problems there is crop tool to remove all unwanted parts of the images, image masking for background removal, brightness and contrast to fix the dullness of the images, color corrections and filters to add effects and styles on the images. Also Photoshop allows you to remove blemishes from a face, remove unwanted objects, change the order of faces in a photograph, etc. In fact you wish anything to be done for improving quality in a photograph, it can be done.

Wrinkles on clothing

Clothes retouching is mostly required in the fashion field ensuring the color of dress does not jar with overall color scheme and to drape nicely to the body. Some corrections are also required for removing imperfections, color corrections, brightness and contrast and sharpness. Photoshop provides the tools used in retouching the clothes like image masking removing the impurities of the photo, crop tool for removing the unwanted parts and many more, for a high quality image results of clothes.

Jewelry Retouching

It is a really challenging task in editing jewelry products and we love the challenges ahead. After taking photos of the jewelry we all know it’s not yet ready for viewing in your website. This is where we come in, the images must look impressive and worth spending. A perfect brightness and contrast that can produce actual color of the metal used in jewelry and nullifying shadows in original photographs are real challenges in jewelry retouching process. Normally jewelry merchants never bother about price involved in designing, rather they need something different in their jewelry related documents to encourage the viewer to grab it in no time. As we have been working on many similar look jewelry retouching since long, we understand the way how to retouch these using Adobe Photoshop’s array of designing tools. Overall we can prepare a web ready photo for you, whether it’s a ring, necklace, bracelet, diamond, sapphires, silver and gold. Now it’s your turn to taste our expertise.

Model Retouching

In the era of advertising, there is a stiff competition for models too. It is hard to find a maiden scope in the ad world for models. We take care of them by using our experiences in this field of editing. We can transform a Photo of model with improper light source and even with dirty looking background to a modern touch of photography by some time consuming editing. Naturally, by changing brightness, contrast and colors, we too, like other designers, try to make the image worth looking. But our retouching formulas involve some advanced special effects along with the basic editing tools of Adobe Photoshop. Some changes in skin tones and background create wonders for our clients. It is not out of place to mention that 100% orders on model retouching at our workshop are repeated customers.

Product Retouching | Dust, spot and scratch removal

Our team of designers understand that images speak louder than words. A catalog, brochure, menu card or even a simple leaflet with attractive designs and photos matter, and compel the readers to go deep in the subject, which in turn results in a better foot fall. We have expertise in designing and retouching images and preparing documents, considering the imagination of our clients. Though our team is quite familiar with all designing software available, still Adobe Photoshop is our preferred choice in photo retouching. Most of our image editing falls in the following categories.

Beauty airbrushing

When a business house launches it’s new products, naturally a good documentation is required along with the product. The data sheet or brochure that contains the product details needs a group of nicely edited photographs of the product and perhaps some other units or modules of that product. Whatever may be the resolution or quality of the photography, our designers are competent enough in product retouching to transform even a dull looking photograph, to give it a trendy look. With an intelligent move on the product’s photographs by the help of Adobe Photoshop’s editing commands, we go on retouching the image till we ourselves are satisfied with the output. Apart from using the pen tool and superimposing, we apply numerous other filters and special effects on the image to make the product appealing.

Camera reflection removal